Our traditions

Our company has its own corporate culture traditions. Our employees do not just spend time at work - they also take part in various events which are outside of the working timetable and are put together by MERI.

These include:

  • Sports competitions and celebrations.
  • Corporate holidays (New Year’s, “Day of the Defender of the Motherland”, "International Women's Day", amongst others).
  • The work collective takes part in the parade for Moscow day.
  • Events which are held for our employees' children: "International Children's day", "Day of the first graders", putting up Christmas trees, etc.).
  • A summer vacation for employees and members of their families at health camps in the Moscow area and in Crimea. These trips are at an advantageous price.

New Year

Every year in December the whole working collective gathers together to celebrate the New Year. In the program for the New Year celebration we have the traditional KVN comedy show (all the participants are members of our company), competitions with prizes, music, a New Year buffet table, a concert program and an awards ceremony for the winners of professional awards.

Winter family celebration

Mass ice skating. All participants in the celebration are awarded with memorable prizes. Winners of the competition receive valuable prizes. Usually our guests can expect free catering: the things we offer include kasha, hot tea and pancakes.

Mini-football tournament

Every year on the football pitch "Bykovo Boloto" in Zelenograd we have a mini-football tournament.

Tourist gatherings and sports competitions

are held not far from Zvenigorod on the bank of the Moscow river.
The itinerary for these gatherings include: obstacle courses, kayaking, tug-of-war, football and volleyball.

For International Children's Day and the Day of the First Graders

we have an entertainment program for our employees’ kids, gifts and a tea party.