Practical work and probation for students

MERI is also part of the program of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation which is designed to introduce its interns to industry companies and science companies. With this program MERI allows students to take part in practice sessions and in science competitions, and they also provide study tours. At MERI, masters' students from high-profile universities are constantly carrying out practical work. We have work experience projects for schoolchildren and students during the summer holidays. The kids can start working at the company where they receive not only a salary but also extra pay from the employment center. We invite students who are studying for their master’s or are in the final year of their bachelor’s and who are also studying in the fields of nano- and microelectronics, design and development of ICs, robotics, the industrial power sector, and the automation of technological processes amongst others to do their practical work in the industrial sectors and divisions at MERI. The practical works are held during study hours in accordance with the study hours of the universities. The diploma and graduate projects of the students are supervised by scientific leaders - employees of the enterprise.