Gennady Krasnikov participated in the Scientific and Technical Council session of the Technopark-Mordovia

On May 23, MERI director and RAS Presidium member, Academician Gennady Krasnikov made a report on “Transistor Structures in Modern Microelectronics” at the 7th Scientific and Technical Council (STC) of Technopark-Mordovia in Saransk.

The meeting was devoted to the implementation of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation national program according to the Presidential Decree “About the national goals and objectives up to 2024”.The main objectives of the Program are digital economy development, creation of the sustainable and secure information and telecommunication infrastructure, software, big data transmission, processing and storage and its implementation in governmental and local structures and organization.

In his report Gennady Krasnikov told about modern microelectronic and its development tendencies, mentioned the new promising materials and power transistor structures, shared MERI’s experience in the micro- and nanotechnologies embedding into the real economy and social sector.  

The members of the session discussed the issues of microelectronics growth, fiber optics technologies, data transmission and storage, software development and the up-to-date technological methods that can be used to develop all these branches.  The possibilities of complex scientific researches in digital economy were also discussed.
As a result a number of proposals were made for the further development of the national projects.

The Scientific and Technical Council (STC) of Technopark-Mordovia is a management body established for the purposes of scientific, technical and economic development of the Technopark,  as well as creation and implementation  the scientific course in regional policy, considering forecasts for the further development of the region. The Council includes leading scientists and experts at innovative technologies.
The STC activity is aimed at coordination and creative cooperation with different scientific institutions in terms of education and advanced training for scientists and researchers, planning for further region growth. The Council manages the meetings, seminars and conferences to deal with the basic issues of the Technopark activity. It can also make an expert assessment of the innovative projects that pretend to become residents of the Technopark evaluate their quality and results.

Gennady Krasnikov has been a member of the Scientific and technical council of Technopark-Mordovia since it was organized in 2013.    
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