Gennady Krasnikov participated in AI Journey conference

MERI general director, RAS Academician Gennady Krasnikov participated in panel discussion “Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Technologies: The Future Comes Today. Global politics in the quantum world” which took place on the first day of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Journey Conference.

In the discussion about quantum technologies development in Russia and abroad also took part:
Sergey Salikhov (MISIS 1st pro-rector); Jukka Pekola (specialist in quantum nanophysics, Aalto University Professor, member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Literature and the Finnish Academy of Technical Sciences); Vitaly Bagan (MIPT pro-rector); Andrey Gabov (corresponding member of the RAS, The Institute of State and Law deputy director); Stanislav Ashmanov (director of Nanosemantics). The panel discussion was moderated by State Duma deputy, first deputy chairman of the Russian State Duma committee on science and high technology Vladimir Kononov.

Gennady Krasnikov in his speech told about the work on creating new hardware component base that is performed in MERI and RAS institutes, about the promising development of molecular transistors, as well as the current level of development of quantum computing and quantum cryptography, emphasized the large number of problems that did not yet make it possible to state the real achievement of quantum superiority.

“Of course, from the point of view of science, our teams are in global trend, at the forefront - Russian specialists are working on these issues in our country and abroad, in leading world research centers,” he underlined at the end of the speech.

On November 9, the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, spoke at the conference, where he said that Russian Federation could become a global leader in terms of AI technologies and the success of such areas as logistics, space, the transport system, quality medicine and much more depends on Artificial Intelligence: “The development of all these areas depends on our success in artificial intelligence now and in the near future”.

The International Forum AI Journey which was held on November 8-9 in Moscow is founded to become one of the most important international venues for competitions in the field of DS/AI, experience exchange in this area, discussing last trend and questions of AI practical usage in Manufacturing, business, science and everyday life.
Specialists from leading companies in the development and application of AI technologies in business processes, professionals in the field of AI technologies and data analysis, representatives of the academic community have come together to communicate and exchange best practices in the application and future technologies of artificial intelligence.
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