Personnel Policy of the Company

The average age of personnel who have been hired at our company is 40. The main influx of specialists older than 30 years of age come from fields in science and industry which are in line with the activities of our company. The specialists concerned are attracted by MERI positive image of an attractive and stable company, the possibility to build a career, an adequate salary which is average for this industry and larger than the average salary of its host town of Zelenograd. At MERI a system has been created to seek qualified personnel. MERI  is an ongoing participant in career guidance events, job fairs, open days etc. Staff selection is also done with the help of the Centre of Employment for the Population, specialized internet resources and the media. Students of high-profile universities also traditionally become young personnel at MERI. Close cooperation with schools and universities is very beneficial as it helps young people figure out their future profession. At MERI masters' students from high-profile universities are constantly carrying out practical work. Over the summer holidays we also hold widespread employment practice for school students and university students. The kids who start working at the company not only receive a salary but also extra pay from the employment center.