Chief designer Alexander Kravtsov gave an interview to “The Village”

Today we have a prototype of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Most probably it will grow and in future it will result in a certain system very close to the human brain. Now AI is being created for some particular tasks. Scientists select specific algorithms, training and software for every task.

Perfect AI is a system that includes all data analyzing and processing methods. This system will understand itself which algorithm is needed, what is considered to be a reference data, and what is inappropriate for this particular scenario.

Imagine a person walking down the street and looking around: he uses certain skills to process certain data, and others – to process some other data. It’s the same with AI. Now it sounds complicated, but the world is gradually moving towards this. AI will be improving and reducing in size. It can be compared with evolution. However, prototypes will probably appear during our lifetime. For instance, voice imitation is no longer a problem. But now it is necessary to make it alive – emotional, with certain intonation – and this problem can’t be solved quickly.

The capabilities of such chips mostly depend on ourselves. There are many examples in our history when people tried to create something good but got weapons first. For this reason, many people will be afraid to implant such chips. But in good sense they can be used to track your health status, to get access to augmented reality; but these technologies are still far away.
As for dangers, the access to the chip can be hacked, some data can be lost or overwritten. It works exactly the same as with your smartphone.

One of the main problems is to understand the consequences of climate manipulations. Imagine that a large ice floe would be melted at the North Pole – what will happen next?
For example, somewhere in Spain the water level will rise, or the water temperature of some ocean will drop, or something else could happen. If it is possible to calculate such correlation, the problem will transform from theoretical to a practical one, but it is impossible so far.

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