MERI presented radiophotonics project at Photonics North International Conference

Research Assistant of MERI functional electronics department Ramil Minnullin participated in the annual international conference on optics and photonics – Photonics North, that was held on May 21-23 in Quebec city. He presented there MERI project “Spatial reflected and transmitted field pattern at resonant scattering of an electromagnetic plane wave on 1D diffraction gratings and photonic crystals”.

Every year Photonics North Conference brings together researchers in optics and photonics from different countries to discuss, show and learn about new developments in this field. This year the conference was held jointly with the ETOP Conference (Education and Training in Optics and Photonics) which attracted both scientists and students from all around the world.

At the Conference there were presented many projects on different topics from biophotonics to quantum optics and high power laser technology. Many world famous speakers were invited to take part in the Conference including Donna Strickland, the third woman that earned the Nobel Prize in Physics (2018).

Ramil  put attention to the reports that corresponded with his own project. He also talked to the participants engaged not only in fundamental but also in experimental researches. According to his impression the information he got at the conference could be used in his further research work.

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