MERI held the School of Young Scientist

From September 22 to 25, as part of the International Forum "Microelectronics - 2019", the Research Institute of Molecular Electronics (MERI) held the "School of Young Scientists" (SYS), the main tasks of which were to attract talented young people to microelectronics , discussion of the most important issues of modern microelectronics and the latest scientific information exchange.

The School was attended by over 80 students, graduate students and specialists from 16 leading technical universities and scientific organizations of Russia: MERI, Institute of Microelectronics Technology and High Purity Materials RAS, General Physics Institute, ONIT RAS, MIPT, MIREA, MEPhI, HSE, Bauman MSTU, Sevastopol State University etc.

Starting the work of the SYS, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the School of Young Scientists, Deputy Head of the Base Department of Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Phystech School of Electronics, Photonics and Molecular Physics (FEFM) of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Sc.D., Professor E.S. Gornev said: “Microelectronics is a core industry in modern post-industrial society. As a science and technology, it has already become so complex that it requires extensive knowledge not only in electronics, but also in physics of chemistry, materials science and many other disciplines to conduct research effectively. Today we are restoring a long tradition of regularly research conferences for young scientists, where they present and discuss their works, establish business and personal contacts. I hope that after all meetings and discussions here at School the participants will be able to draw conclusions about the direction of their research and, if necessary, to correct topics and find new opportunities for their further development.”
Other news

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On June 19 Academic Council of ONIT RAS “Fundamental problems of hardware component database for the Information, computing and control systems and materials for its development” held the Seminar “Fundamental issues of non-volatile resistive memory for neuromorphic systems”

Gennady Krasnikov held a masterclass “The Future of Miscroelectronics” for the graduates of the Higher School of System Engineering MIPT