MERI is an absolute technology leader in Russia with the wide international recognition

 MERI has well-developed international relations, which promotes the advancement of Russian electronics in the international market, closely interacts with the world largest scientific and industrial companies and research institutes and participate in a number of the international microelectronics conferences.
With the help of MERI Russian national electronics returned into the European scientific and technical community - the institute became a full member of the Global Semiconductor Association (GSA) representing Russia.
MERI cooperates with more than 60 russian and foreign scientific centers, technical universities and design centers on a permanent basis: CEA-Leti (France), Technische Universiteit Delft (Holland), Ecole Speciale de Lausanne (Switzerland), Aselta (France), Leland Stanford Junior University (USA), Mapper Lithography (Holland), etc.
MERI conducts joint projects with large European centers of microelectronics: IMEC, LETI, Fraunhofer Institute, as well as MERI specialists are working for advanced laboratories and projects. MERI also conducts research work on the basis of the Stanford laboratory complex, participates in the framework program of the European Union - FP7. Institute supports technological partnership with ST Mircoelectronics, IHP, Silicon Storage Technology and conducts joint work with ASML, SVCS, Disco, etc. focused on the materials and equipment improving.