Software development

JSC MERI develops embedded software for smart cards based on microcontrollers developed by MERI and its partners, as well as applications for smart cards

The embedded software includes the following components:

  • Proprietary operating system
  • JavaCard Virtual Machine
  • software libraries, including support for MoC technology (fingerprint authentication), support for national and international encryption algorithms, etc.
  • Integrated applications, for example: identification, banking, transports, etc.

The microcontrollers with embedded software manufactured by MERI are already used in such projects as Russian State biometric passports, national payment system MIR banking cards, ID cards, PEC, and the Federal Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund. 
Our specialists provide a full range of services for the development of software applications according to client requirements, including the development of specifications, data structures, application code, tests and preparation for personalization.

Application Development Options:

  • JavaCard Applet. A multipurpose option that works on any cards with JavaCard support, including the cards of other providers. The operating system contains JavaCard API extensions that support domestic cryptography and MoC technology (checking biometric parameters on the card).
  • The application is based on the ISO 7816 standard. This standard defines a basic set of functions for creating a wide range of applications: a file system with various types of files, an access control system, a set of cryptographic operations, including the generation of an electronic digital signature, etc.
  • "Native" implementation of the application in the processor codes and its integration into the card's operating system.

This method allows creating high-performance applications that use non-standard algorithms and cryptographic protocols. A "native" realized application yields greater performance in comparison to an application based on JavaCard. To shorten development time, the operating system is written into the microcontroller’s rewritable memory (flash). 

Fields of applications, developed by MERI 

MERI has gathered wide experience in developing applications for lots of smart technology systems, including:

  • ID cards
  • Biometric passports
  • Cryptographic cards and tokens
  • Bank cards
  • Public-transport tickets
  • Social service smart cards
  • Smart cards for access control systems (ACS)

Our specialists have unique experience in developing operating systems for smart cards, profound knowledge of hardware, standards and specifications in the field of smart technologies.