The scientific and technology-based creative potential of young people as well as working with school kids

MERI has a policy aimed at providing the industry with highly-qualified personnel. This includes working with talented young people, their recognition, support from high-profile physics and mathematics universities, and the vocational guidance of school children toward microelectronics. MERI carries out excursions, master classes, professional presentations and special courses to provide vocational guidance to school children. In 2016, 1250 schoolchildren and students from high-profile universities in Zelenograd and Moscow visited MERI for introductive vocational guidance excursions. The company is one of the ongoing partners of the competitions for scientific and technological youth creativity. In addition, schoolchildren are invited to test their skills in joint projects with organizations. As a result, starting from the school desk the kids already prepare for modern engineering professions. For example, in 2016, with the support of the Moscow City Committee "Zelenograd Development Corporation", MERI carried out vocational-guidance study courses for young people. A total of 59 schoolchildren took part in the project. Having completed vocational courses, the top 25 most distinguished students who received high scores for attendance and submitted projects were offered work during the summer holidays at MERI and were offered admission to the Research Institute MIET by special selection. The organization takes part in a state program to select graduates from universities in courses which are relevant to our organization. For those selected, preferential terms are offered on admission to university, a place of practice is decided on, and our company guarantees employment after graduation. In this way a student starting his/her third year at university will take part in production processes, in a practice period that will enable them to adapt to the working environment and be part of the collective. Thus the student no longer needs adaptation since they have already received work experience.