Corporate culture

The company has established an effective working system with its personnel.

This includes: Attracting young people through long-term cooperation with high-profile educational institutions, the preparation of working personnel using complex methods from theoretical courses to mentoring in the workplace. Consolidating specialists is carried out through an individual approach to the establishment of salaries and an impressive package of social benefits which are observed in the collective agreement. At MERI there is a “social ladder” system. Social packages have been created for key projects specialists which provide housing solutions. A number of benefits can currently be taken advantage of, such as free medical insurance and compensation for the use of public transport to and from work. The employees fully understand the goals and strategies of the company and their role in this, they are geared toward achieving results and they trust their direct managers in a spirit of effective collaboration.

Active mechanisms of internal communication at MERI:

  • Corporate newspaper
  • A cooperative portal which contains important information for every employee at the company - from the new-employee directory to organizational structures and from company mission and presentations by senior management to colleagues’ birthdays. Here you will find the latest news as well as corporate documents and various internal forms for various goals.
  • Horizontal communication: annual theatrical comedy show and employee of the year competitions.
  • The "Idea Factory" program, which is geared toward discovering the creative potential of our employees and increasing their involvement in the improvement of effective business.