Specialized Department at MIET

Department at National Research University of Electronic Technology (MIET) was founded in 1998 on MIET rector's order in collaboration with MERI. Nowadays it is an academic unit of MIET’s department of Electronics and Computer Technologies. The head of the joint department is Gennady Krasnikov, the general manager of MERI JSC (Molecular Electronics Research Institute), PhD, professor, and a member of Russian Academy of Sciences. The department’s curriculum includes a number of specific optional courses as well as field experience including internships, course works and graduation researches. Internship programs at MERI help students to eliminate the gap between basic university education and the skills they need to be specialists in modern electronic industry. The faculty consists of high-level specialists working at MERI and MIET lecturers and professors.  
Courses for students, masters and postgraduates
  • Microelectronics and solid state electronics
  • Microsystem technology
  • Computer aided design
  • Nanotechnology in electronics
  • Microelectronics and semiconductors
  • Electronics and microelectronics
  • Technology and design of ICs
  • Micro- and nanoelectronics
  • Quantum effects based devices
New technologies
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  • microelectronics and solid state electronics