MERI developed new EEPROM memory cell

Molecular Electronics Research Institute developed new Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM) cell for the microchips that are under mass production. The feature of the new cell is in its over than two times reduction in area (2,32µm) as a result of new technological and design solutions application.
On the basis of the new memory cell modern advanced EEPROM unit with 144KB capacitywas developed. It has the same linear dimensions as 72KB memory unit that is now used in MERI designed microcontrollers and it allows to embed new memory unit into existing mass products - crypto-secured microprocessors for the integrated systems with high reliability and data security such as State eID systems including government ID cards, driver licenses, biometric passports, permanent resident cards or health insurance cards. Memory doubling together with maintaining microchip size will allow to store on the new microcontroller used in State projects much more data.
Also MERI team of engineers has developed new Operation System that will allow replace the line of formerly used microcontrollers for different purpose by omni-purpose microchip with ramped up memory size.
All the necessary patents and certificates of authorship for the memory cell layout, memory unit and silicon itself were received by MERI.
Other news

Askar Rezvanov, a production engineer of the MERI technological design department participated in PESM (Plasma Etch and Strip in Microtechnology) workshop that took place on May 21-22 in Grenoble

MERI scientist was awarded the honorary diploma for the best presentation at "Saint-Petersburg OPEN 2019"

Askar Rezvanov, a production engineer of the MERI technological design department, was awarded the Medal and the Prize of RAS for Young Scientists for his research work

Gennady Krasnikov made a report on “Transistor Structures in Modern Microelectronics” at the 7th Scientific and Technical Council of Technopark-Mordovia in Saransk