System-in-Pacage: Design and production conference

Conference “System-in-Package: design and production” was held in Moscow on March 28. The conference was organized by information and analytic ‘Center of Modern Electronics’. It was targeted at  microchips and SoC manufacturers, , electronic equipment manufacturers as well as at technologists, production managers and technological equipment suppliers.

MERI’s chief of the UHF devices development laboratory  Gleb Baranov, chief of the functional electronics department laboratory Pavel Zakharov, and deputy chief of the power supplies schemes development department Viacheslav Khudiakov attended the conference to get an overview with the up-to-date technologies and to share best practices  with colleagues.

Leading Russian SiP development companies’ speakers reported on the results of their work and achievements: implementation of the technologies of crystals multi-layer mounting in BGA/LGA packaging with wire unwinding; implementations of Flip-chip mounting technology and 2.5D(PoP)/3D integration using active and passive interposers; development of memory modules with 3D-TSV technology that contains up to 10 silicon crystals and multi-crystals modules including digital isolators. Speakers also considered different design environments for SiP engineering.  

Although SiP technologies are fast growing in the world, for Russian manufacturers 3D-TSV technology is still underdeveloped.  Nevertheless, there are certain achievements in this field demonstrated by several Russian companies.

MERI experts highlighted the reports about using LTCC-based SiP technologies that are relevant for microwave devices due to low-loss dielectric transitions of the material, high electrical conductivity of the implemented metallization and capability to integrate them in heat drains modules.    
Other news

MERI general director, RAS Academician Gennady Krasnikov was appointed Acting Chairman of the Department of Nanotechnologies and Information Technologies RAS (ONIT) by the decree of the RAS Presidium. Gennady Krasnikov’s appointment was approved by the majority of the Department members.

MERI took part in 22nd International exhibition of electronic components, modules and systems “Expo Electronica”

Molecular Electronics Research Institute developed new Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM) cell for the microchips that are under mass production.

The head of Molecular Electronics Research Institute (MERI) Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gennady Krasnikov made a report on the actual situation and opportunities of national microelectronics industry at the meeting, which was held on March 20 by Russian President Vladimir Putin.