JSC MERI (Molecular Electronics Research Institute) is a leading research center of the Group of companies MERI in the AFK Systema. Enterprises of the group MERI constitute one of Russia's largest complex for carrying out of scientific-technological research in the field of micro - and nanoelectronics, development and pilot production of semiconductor products.


Since its inception, Molecular Electronics Research Institute has become the industry source of qualified scientific personnel. From the walls of the MERI there were four academicians and two corresponding members of the USSR Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Almost since the founding of the Institute and in 1978 the company was headed by K. A. Valiev, who was elected in 1984 by the USSR Academy of Sciences, Department of computer science, computer engineering and automation.

He later became Chairman of the Presidium of the Scientific center of RAS on the fundamental problems of computer engineering and control systems. Early in his working career, from 1964 to 1970-th year in the MERI works V. Kopaev, famous Soviet and Russian physicist, academician of RAS, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor, Director of the Department of solid state physics of the physics Institute imeni P. N. Statistics and data analysis (1995-2012).

In 1973, the year MERI begins his career as an engineer, then head of the laboratory of the future academician (2006), Professor, Director, Institute for design problems in microelectronics Russian Academy of Sciences (since 1992) A. L. Stempkovsky.

In 1967-1978 years immediately after graduation in the MERI is a senior researcher, head of laboratory, head of group, head of Department of CAD Soviet scientist, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1987), doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences, Professor B. V. Batalov.

Employment biography MERI started and the future corresponding member of USSR Academy of Sciences and Russian Academy of Sciences V. G. Mokerov and founder of the national direction nanoheterostructures superhigh frequency (SHF) electronics and scientific schools in the field of science and technology, created and spearheaded in 2002 the Institute of UHF semiconductor electronics of RAS.

For more than 50 years of history within its walls was "grown" more than 100 candidates and 40 doctors of Sciences, more than 50 laureates of the State prize of the USSR, Council of Ministers of the USSR and RF government Prize, including two winners of the Lenin prize. For a long time the company has been one of the few Heroes of Labour of the USSR – A. Gromov, S., and knight of the order of Labour Glory of three degrees, A. A. Kazako. In 1983, the year the team was awarded the order of red banner of Labor, and in 2001-m, MERI and Mikron was awarded the RF Government prize in the field of quality. For years of existence of the enterprise more than 500 employees were awarded state awards.

Today, the Institute researches in the field of nano - and microelectronics are more than 400 experts, including two academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (G. Ya. Krasnikov and A. S. Bugaev), one corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (B. G. Fungi), 17 doctors and 48 candidates of science. The Institute was founded and supported the base of the Department in specialized educational institutions: Moscow Institute of physics and technology (MIPT) and the National research University "Moscow Institute of electronic technology" (MIET).