Social policy

MERI strictly observes the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. The acting legislation entitles the employees of the company to a certain amount of benefits at the company’s expense. Maternity leave and study trips etc. are all funded by MERI. The wage supplements include:

  • Compensations for out-of-town workers for housing rental.
  • Accommodation for out-of-town workers and young specialists (students).
  • Health insurance.
  • Corporate mobile service
  • Marriage and birth grants etc.
  • Anniversary dates payments.
  • Maternity grants for single mothers
Employees of the company with children and close relatives are offered a special terms (25-75% cost loss) for holidays spent in the company seashore health resort.

At MERI we have an acting primary trade union organization as a part of the trade union organization for workers in the electronics industry of the Russian Federation. MERI also holds a collective labour agreement with employees. Company follows the demands of legislation for safe working conditions and we are improving the system of job safety and health protection.