Certificates and licenses

Our policy on quality

In terms of quality the main aims of "NIIME" are to satisfy the ever-growing and changing demands and expectations of the consumers of our products and services.

Our main aims and principles in terms of producing quality services:

1.) The development and ongoing improvement of the performance of our management system.

2.) The commitment and personal participation of senior management and managers of all levels in the development and ongoing improvement of performance and in ensuring that our quality management system suits the strategic intentions and the business environment that the company works in.

3.) The regular and sufficient provision of all the various necessary resources that affect quality.

4.) Maintaining the efficient processes of development and implementation of new modern technologies and equipment as well as the development and the promotion of new products on the market.

5.) The continuous training and development of our workers and support of their efforts, all of which is aimed at providing high-quality products and services. Making our personnel aware of the relevance and importance of their work and contributing to the achievement of our goals in terms of quality.

6.) The monitoring and analysis of satisfaction, demands and expectations of all interested parties in our organization. Creating partnerships with our customers and shareholders that are reciprocally profitable.

7.) Regular communication with senior management as well as providing our personnel with the information and understanding of their responsibilities and the importance of meeting the demands and expectations of customers in the Russian Federation and abroad. It is also important for personnel to understand the legal demands and other applicable demands set forth by the organization. 

System of Quality Assurance

A system of quality is provided and supported at the company in order to make it competitive and make sure that its production meets global standards according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The system certification, according to the above-mentioned requirements,  has been carried out by one of the leading independent organizations: Bureau Veritas Certification.

Thanks to our current security system in effect at our company, we guarantee our clients complete protection of their confidential data when using bank cards. Our company buildings have been equipped with the latest surveillance systems. Our security system is controlled by company staff, equipment and information flow. Control is carried out according to the internal safety standards of the company and clients, and also with the intention of attracting foreign clients.

Certificates and licenses